need?Access Control Security Los Angeles

need?Access Control Security Los Angeles

Access Control Security Los Angeles


When it comes to access control security in Los Angeles you must think quality over cost. Especially as it pertains to commercial real estate or just businesses in general, if your goal is to plan for safety you must be sure you have the right tools to get the job done.

There are several things to consider when you are deciding which access control security system to go with. Finding the right access control can allow you more freedoms and more security to your business. When deciding for instance if you are the owner of a corporation it may be vital to you to ensure several levels of security protection within your organization.

Listed below are a few tips to help you out.

Types of Access control security in Los Angeles:

 Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

For those interested in Role-based Access Control networks it is most beneficial for those businesses or Corporations that are working with large amounts of employees and a large networking system. Role-Based Access Control allows you to create, modify, and discontinue as each user’s needs change individually throughout the company.

This gives you the ability to give permissions for your employee’s access to open and closing doors to get in daily, or even permissions to change some files, or documents within your business networks.

RBAC allows you to provide permissions based on roles assigned per employee. It can give them access to the areas that affect their responsibilities and revoke permissions on areas not needed in their current assigned role.

If you have a Corporation that requires 100’s of thousands of access permissions daily than is beneficial as it automatically authorizes access according to role. Allowing your management team permission to reject or deny access to certain areas of their departments without having access to the whole network.

If you need to implement a change to a specific employee’s status it can be changed to allow or revoke their permission instantly. RBAC also allows permissions to some users to deny other users access in the event of firing within their own departments. Below are some of the primary rules within role-bases access control security systems.


Access Control Security Los Angeles


Primary Rules RBAC:

  • Role Assignment
  • Rule Authorization
  • Permission Authorization

Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

Discretionary Access Control is when privileges or  authorization is given to the user by the owner for various areas of the network. These types of Access control securities are typically accessed by username and pass code.

The DAC restricts access based on the identity of the subject or user. The DAC or Discretionary Access Control is implanted either individually or it can be implemented simultaneously with MAC or Mandatory Access Control networks.

Attributes that allow users to:

  • Transfer an objects ownership
  • Determine the access type for others
  • Lock out or restrict users for authorization failures
  • User access is determined by identification or membership

Vulnerabilities of Using DAC or Discretionary Access Control:

  • Vulnerable to Trojan horses –(Software virus)
  • Maintenances for Revoking or Granting permissions
  • ACL Maintenance

Mandatory Access Control – MAC

These types of securities are usually used for operating systems (OS) and some forms of special military securities. It doesn’t allow for user changes at all. A security strategy that restricts individual owners from granting access to certain areas within an operating system this is only allowed by the security policy administrator.

Often used with:

  • Multilevel Security systems
  • Special military systems
  • Computer operating systems


There are many features to access control security depending on what your trying to secure, basic daily needs, and what user levels are needed will determine what type you will need to have. Below are several features with access control securities

Some Features of Access control securities may include:

  • Multiple administrators
  • Set – Up which include customizing group hierarchy for different levels of access among other users.
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Monitoring device status
  • Automation of Directories (or lists)
  • Phone or card access
  • Seeing door activities in real time – (Without being present)
  • Revoking or sharing access even off site

Did You Know?

  • Did you know that securities and technologies grossed over $70 billion dollars in 2015 alone? Now securities technologies and services are making well over $90 billion annually.
  • Did you know that access control system securities started in the 1960’s?
  • Did you know that access control systems now allow you to use your smart phones to unlock doors and see what’s going on in real time
  • Did you know you can revoke a user or share access from an offsite location?

Access control system securities can be controlled by:

  • Key pad
  • Pad
  • Card
  • Intercom
  • Bio-data
  • Smartphone app




In Conclusion

With today’s technologies it is wise to research all you can about access control securities for deciding what is best for your business or personal security. An access control security gives your files, documents, and other systems what it needs to be safe no matter what the size is of your network. The key is finding the right access control securities to handle your job.

When considering an access control security in Los Angeles be sure to consider a few things such as:

  • How many users you will have within your network or company
  • What you want the users to have access to
  • If you are using the access control securities within your network what permissions you will need to give to other users
  • How many levels of security are you looking for in your security system

There are many types of access control so it is important to speak to a professional about your choices. Explaining exactly what it is you need within your business or corporation is equally as important as they can help ensure that you are working with the right access control and providing the right features to give you the control you need.





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